Selasa, 04 April 2017


Hallo guys! Im Audira, Im back again haha. So, now i want to tell you about the activities did in Dewa Athena. Most of you may wondering what Dewa Athena is? Dewa Athena is annual sport competition in SMAN 3 BANDUNG and we usually hold this event in Lapangan Bali, for this event we make some kind of jersey for every classes and we wear it during the event. In this year Dewa Athena held on 25th March which is last saturday.

So, in the morning we did an opening first then we start the first game which is badminton, our class doesnt have a good player for badinton but we try the game because we didnt want to take WO because if we took WO we have to pay Rp 100.000, we did play it good but our opponent is too good for us. So, the winner is our oppoent. The second game is basketball, this game is one of our favorite game and we have many good player. So, that's why we win in this game. the third game is estafet, our class doesnt have a good runner so, we lost the game. The forth game is futsal for female, we are good at playing this game but sadly our opponent played better than us and they winned it. The fifth game is tarik tambang, we have a big friend so, that's must be good for this game and we have a chance to win this game but sadly our friend had and accident during this game his foot was cramps. So, we lost this game. The sixth is dodgeball, this is my favorite game and i think this is my friend's favorite game too because my friend and i were so excited during this game but we are over excited so we lost the game. The last game is futsal for male and badminton for male in these two games we lost. so, that's all from my blog, thank you very much for reading it, i hope you guys enjoy my blog and bye, see you soon!!!

Minggu, 22 Januari 2017



      Hi guys! Im Audira, im back again hahahaha. So, today i want to tell a story about my last holiday. My last holiday really fun which is i think that was the best holiday ever! Well i dont know why i think that was the best but in this holiday i met a lot of my family members. I really hope every holiday being the best holiday for me. Because who dont loves holiday hehehe. Okay, so lets start.
        I went to Yogyakarta with my family. We used car. It tooks about 12-15 hours from Bandung to Yogyakarta. When in the car we shared some story, shared some jokes and having fun. We took a rest on rest area. Well, every holiday I always went to Yogyakarta. Because my father still worked at the office so he choosen to stayed at Yogyakarta. I can called that Yogyakarta is maybe the most comfort places that i ever stayed. There's a lot of my family member who lived in here. And me already know much about many places in Yogyakarta. Well, sometimes its makes me bored when im just stay at the hotel waiting for my dad came back from the office. But now me and my mom usually go to mall. Mall in Yogyakarta is same as mall in Bandung . Its called Ambarukmo Plaza. We usually watched some movies or just walked arounf the mall and finding something new and good for us. Or maybe, we just stayed at Starbucks or J.Co and watching people around make a jokes about them. We didnt talked much when im in Bandung cause we had our own activities which is really busy for me and for her. Yeah and this is why i love holiday we can talked much to our parents more than when we arent on holiday. My sencond day in Yogyakarta i went to bought some souvenir. And then we went to Solo it tooks 2-4 hours to went there. We went to my grandma house. We also went to Pasar Klewer to visited my aunt and uncle. My aunt sold some clothes and my uncle helped her in the weekend or when he had some free times. The second day in Solo we went to bought souvenit again and we came back to Bandung.
      In Bandung I met my cousin from Bogor. Well she is really funny. We talked much and laughed together. I only stayed in Bandung for 2 days. And then I went again to Surabaya. We used airplanes. We arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning. After that we ate at Soto Pak Sadi for our breakfast. And then we went to saw Suramadu Bridge. After that we went to Ken Park. Because holiday is over for all of student in Surabaya so its not really look interesting and crowded at Ken Park. So,we just took some photo in the good view and then we went to hotel to checked-in. We stayed at Sheraton Hotel. Sheraton Hotel is connected to Tanjungan Plaza Mall. So which is while im waiting my father to came back we can went to Tanjungan Plaza. So after we entered our hotel room. My mom took a shower first. After that me and the last is my father. After that my father went to the office as always. And me and my mom went to Tanjungan Plaza Mall. We bought some clothes and many more . After we all tired we went back to hotel. In the night we went back to Tanjungan Plaza to found some food for dinner. The next day we went to Jawa Timur Park (Jatim Park). Jatim Park is located in Malang which tooks 5 hours from Surabaya. We went to Museum Angkut. Museum Angkut has 9 section and in every section had a different themes. We took many photos in there. After that we ate Bakso Malang and came back to Surabaya. Tommorow is my last day in Surabaya. My last day in Surabaya we went to bought some souvenir and after that we took a rest in hotel. The next day in the early morning we went to airport to went back to Bandung yuhuuu!!! In airport i met my old friend we dont talked to much. And in the airplanes i was slept and then in the Monday we went to our daily activities. So thats my story about my last holiday. Hope you enjoy reading it. And sorry for wrong grammar or tenses. See you in the next blog!!!!

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016


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Sabtu, 24 September 2016


Hi guys im back.Now i want to tell you about the biggest event in SMAN 3 Bandung.And it was MEGANTARA.It was like the literary arts and cultural festival.So about 5 am we gathered at the bali.'s field.And then we briefed by the chairman of the event itu.After that we pray that this event goes success.And it is an honor for me to wear clothes Megantara committee.After we  finished distributing clothes and we were out of the ward and we do our job as our division.Cause my division didnt work at the day. So I help friends in Logistic division.And then many hours passed. I spend my time with my friends.And then i buy food courts and many more oh and yes I also helped my friend who will follow the fashion show competition. I help them at Daffa's home. After finished help them .After I returned to the field and outside the field bali bali already open gate.It was really crowded.And i  already see a lot of friends my old friends.I greet them and chat a bit with them.After that I went back to ward.After that i saw my friend who walk in the stage.Im really proud of them hahaha.I hope one of them will win this tme.And yes my class won hahaha.Such a great achievment hahaha.After that we see tst performance.It was really great.All audience was laughing and give applause to their performance.After tst i forgot.And the THE CHANGCUTERS was performed.We sang together and having a really great time.And im t the front row.WOHOOO how lucky i am.After the changcuters we saw one was a great performance too.After that we saw RAN it was my best thing ever in my life.Godness they are really handsome hahaha.I snapchated it little bit.After RAN performance we decided to go home because it was already night.Hmmm actually i dont want to go home but im really tired.Well it was really a great time for me.This event made me proud to be a student of SMAN 3 Bandung.Im really proud for this event.It was an amazing event in my life and im really happy in that day.I hope next year i can made the next event more cool.And this is a photo at MEGANTARA!


HEY HEY HEY!!!Today i want to tell you about TERIYAKI!Well i know u think i will tell about food hahaa but thatswrong.So what is Teriyaki?Teriyaki is activities to celebrate our independence day woohooooo!How excited are we???Well at first i really want to go to home but it wouldnt be fair if just half of class just doing it so we decided to join Teriyaki.Well my class battle with X-IPA7,X-IPA2,and X-IPS1.The first game is Dodgeball.WOW HAHAA.I knoe how to play this game cause my favorite boy band a.k.a ONE DIRECTION had play this game and i watched it on youtube.But im really tired so i didnt play this game.Hmmm unfortunately we lost in this game.Well we still looks lika im okay this is just a game.Dont be afraid if we lost at least we are having fun in here.The second game is tug of war.Well i played in this game.But again and again we lost.In this time we little bit dissapointed and sad.But we forget it so we play again.The third place i dont know what we are playing actually.At that time im not in the mood so i decided to just talked with my friends.And threw some rocks to the field and to my friends.Well it makes me little bit happy.Im not in the ood because i really tired andall i want is to go to home,washed my body,and take a rest.But the reality is im standing in the Bali's Field when the sun really hot.I can't take it so my mood really changed.Fortunately im not getting angry at that time hahahha.Okay back to the topic.All i know in this game my class lost again.Hmmm yaa but thats okay.After that we took a rest,ate our lunch,abd prayed.After that they told us who is the winner.Well my class isnt the winner hahahah.And we like okay thats  ot a problem actually.So we act like normaly cause dont sad at all.And then TsT perform and i think that makes my mood back.Well this post was really short i know it guys.Cause i dont know whatshoukd i tell you again hahaha.Sorry for this short story.Hope you enjoy it.And as always have a nice weekend and see you in the next post.See you bye!

WTTF(World Technofest&Tournament)

Hi guys im back! Sorry for this late post because im little bit busy hahha. Well today i want to share kind of my activities in SMAN 3 Bandung.Its been a long time ago. SMAN 3 Bandung have an event that called WTTF(World Technofest and Tournament).In there we play some games but we must used english language at that time.So we battle with XI-IPA 5 hahaha.Looks how fun this event.This game is like we went to one place in there we played a game adn if we won we get a puzzle.So the first place is Bali's Field the game was playing ps.Well i didnt know hot to played it so my friends played it.And unfortunately we lost at this game.But we wont give up.So we went to the 2nd place still at Bali's Field this time we played flappy bird.Well i played at this game.And we won guys wohooo!!!!!After that we went to the 3rd place.Still at there.In there we like chasing each other and taking something from them.If we take that person.She or he will out.Well in this game we lost again hmm:(.And the 4th place we play a quiz butin here i forgot who is the winner.After that we moved to Tongkeng Park which is not really far but im really tired.In there we made a robot.It was a funny moments when our robot doesnt looks like a robot actually it was look like just a messed aliens hahahaha.Sadly we lost again and again.After that we go to another park which is not far from Tongkeng Park.In there 2 peoples from my class play this game.This game was twister.And we WON and got some puzzle yuhuuu!After that we went back to school.We took a rest at school,and prayed.And then after finished the next place is SMAN 3 Bandung.We played human bridge.And we WON hahahah so we got a puzzle again.Okay the next place still at our school.In this place 2 peoples from each class must ate a spicy noodle.And we lost:(.Next place still in our school we played a video game.It was my favorite place ever hahaha.We have a laughed together and we won guyss.And then we went back again to Bali's Field.In Bali;s Field we threw a ballons air to the alien so we can got the puzzle from them.Well we got many puzzles in time.And we collected our puzzle and made it with 32019.And 32019 was the first who finished the puzzle.So we win hahaha.Well even my class didnt win but im really happy.This event made us more closer with our friends.Hmmm i think it's enough.Hope you like reading it.And have a nice weekends guyss.See you bye!(:

Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016


Hi guys!.Im Raden Roro Audira Pramitha Nareswari.People called me Au.Well,im 15 years old.Im born at Bandung,24 January 2001.I lived at Parahyangan Rumah Villa B-77.I have one sister she is Audria Pramesti Wulandari.She is the alumnus of SMAN 3 Bandung student.Now she study at FKG UNDAP.My hobby is watching TV,listening to music and many more.When im in holiday i spend my time with my family.Usually i played with my dad.We shared our jokes together.We laughed together.We spend all of our happy moments together.It such a great time for me and my family.My father work at PT.Kereta Api.And my mom stayed at home.Im from Taruna Bakti Elementary School.It was a great school.Im from Taruna Bakti Junior High School.I spend my time at Taruna Bakti.But now I study at SMAN 3 Bandung.Well i have a lot of new friends in here.

I wanna tell you about me.As i told you guys before i have one sister.She is 19 years old.She is not really kind haha.But sometimes she always help me to do my homework or anything.She is very annoying.But thats okay.Now she is study at FKG UNPAD.She ants to be a dentist.Im proud of her.Now she live in Jatinangor..Her favorite color is green.Well thats about her.And now is my turn.Im Audira.People called Au.That sound weird but unique.I still stayed with my parents.My favorite color is blue.My favorite singer is One Direction,and Shawn Mendes.They are really awesome.Everytime i heard their song i always sing it.No matter where i am.They are such a great singer.My hobby is watching some movies.My favorite movie is Maze Runner.Actually im just like look Dylan O'Brien.He played at Maze Runner as Thomas.It was a cool movie.Well in the future i want to be a doctor.It was my dream when i was at 7 grades as junior high school.I know that to be a doctor really need a hardwork.

In Junior High School i have a lot of friends.They are Alsya,Adel,Mirel,Shila,Dhira,Andhira,and Larose,Well Andhira isn.t in the same school as me.She study at Mutiara Bunda Junior High School.We met at Daniel.Shes is kind and pretty i think.Now Alsya,Adel,Mirel,and Larose study at Taruna Bakti Senior High School.Andhira,Shila,and Dhira study at SMAN 8 Bandung.I really missed them.Well they are the craziest best friend that i ever had.They really know hpw to having fun.We always shared our jokes together.I hope i can met them as soon as possible.Because i really missed them.I hope when we met we still make our jokes together.Well thats about me.Hope you like it.